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Bump'in boom Box

Fresh! New! More Than a Boom Box! 
We’d like to present the newest product of High Voltage Extreme Entertainment.  The Bump’in Boom Box is an original product unlike anything you’ve seen before.  Let us take you back to the eighties when boom boxes were the hottest radios in style.  The Boom Box is 8’ high and  8’ long on a solid mobile platform.  It has a handle and a 5 foot antenna that will wow your guests!  It also lights up at night and has a built in sound system, with the capability of plugging into any existing house system.   

The Bump’in Boom Box can be used at your event several different ways: 
 Customized Branding with your  company name or logo. (Handle and lower platform) 
 A promotional station, to advertise your business and pass out promo

materials with or without music or microphone. 
 The Boom Box is an original DJ Booth for your next event. 
 The stand alone Boom Box is fully lit, plays your favorite playlist

throughout the event. 
 Optional High Voltage DJ/Host or  use your own DJ! (No charge!)      
 Great Back Drop Centerpiece! 

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